Fly Sizes and Materials Handbook: A Complete Guide for Popular Species

Selecting the correct fly can be the difference between catching fish and going home empty handed. Size, weight, and color all play an important role when it comes to feeding fish.

Having flies on hand that mimic the bait present in a given area greatly increases your odds of hooking up on a fish.

Below is a table showing the most popular fly patterns by species type. This is a great resource to use when sizing a fly or needing to pick up materials to tie the pattern.

Fly Sizes and Materials By Species


Trout up close.
Fly NameHook SizeTying Materials NeededTippet Size
Pheasant Tail Nymph10-18Bead: Gold Cyclops

Round Lead Wire

Ringneck Pheasant Tail Fibers

UTC Ultra-Wire

Peacock Herl
Parachute Adams14-22White Calf Body Hair

Grizzly and Brown Hackle

Muskrat Gray Nature’s Spirit Fine Natural Dubbing

Grizzly Saddle Hackle
Hare’s Ear Nymph10-18Bead: Gold 7/64

.015 Round Wire

Gold Ultra Wire, brassie size

Pheasant tail fibers

Hair’s mask and rabbit-fur dubbing
Bead Head Caddis Nymph14-18Tungsten Bead Head

Ultra Wire: Brown or Black

Brown Pheasant Tail

Standard Dubbing: Cream or Gray

Hare’s Ice Dubbin: Brown

Elk Hair Caddis10-20Fine Copper Wire

Superfine Dubbing

Brown Rooster New Hackle

Natural Bull Elk Hair
Prince Nymph10-18Bead: Gold Cyclops

Round lead wire

Brown and White Stripped Goose Biots

Gold Ultra Wire

Brown Hen Neck

Long Strung Peacock Herl
Blue Winged Olive18-22Medium Gray Hackle(Tips)

Olive Rabbit Dubbing

Medium Gray Rooster Hackle
Zebra Midge16-22Silver Bead 1/16”

Silver Ultra Wire,Small

Black tying thread
San Juan Worm14-186/0 Waxed Uni thread- Red

Ultra Chenille - Red

Bead (Optional)
Black Stonefly6-12Uni 6/0 Thread - Black

Pheasant Tail

Black Wire - Large

Ice Dub - Peacock

Pheasant Tail - Black
Kreelex2-8UTC 140 Thread - Black or White

Dumbell eyes Med-Lrg

MFC Kreelex Flash
Wooly Bugger1-143/0 Monocord Thread -Black

Lead Wire

Black Marabou

Brassie Sized copper wire

Medium Olive Chenille

Black Rooster Saddle
Zug Bug14-186/0 Thread Black

Lead wire

Peacock Herl

Silver tinsel

Hen Hackle - Brown

Mallard or wood duck flank feather
Stimulator4-16UTC 70 Deiner- Fire Orange

Nature's Spirit Deer Hock

X-small copper wire

Elk Hair

Fine Dubbing - Orange and Yellow

Grizzly and Brown Neck Hackle
Bunny Leach2-66/0 Black thread

Gold or Silver cone

Bug Eyes (Optional)

Lead Wire .015-.03

Rabbit Fur Zonker Strip

Rabbit Fur Dubbing
Foam Beetle10-206/0 Black thread

Moose Hair

Peacock Herl

Orange Fly Foam
  • Trout can be finicky eaters, especially when targeting wild trout. They have incredible eyesight and will refuse the fly if not presented correctly and fished naturally.
  • When selecting a trout fly, it is always best to focus on the various insects present in the area. There is a good chance that if there is an insect hatch, trout will be feeding on them. 
  • The Parachute Adams is a great all around fly because it is designed to imitate a variety of insects such as the mayfly, midge, and caddis. It is tied on size 14-22 hook using White Calf Body Hair, Grizzly Hackle, and Gray Natural Dubbing. The Parachute Adams is typically fished on 4x-7x tippet. 
  • When imitating Baetis Mayflies, the Blue Winged Olive fly is a very popular choice. The Blue Winged Olive is tied on small hooks ranging between size 18-22 using Gray Hackle Tips, Olive Rabbit Dubbing, and Medium Gray Rooster Hackle. This fly is fished using 4x-7x tippet size. 
  • If you could only have one fly in the box, it would be the Wooly Bugger. Imitating crayfish, minnows, and leeches, the Wooly Bugger is fished in rivers, ponds, and lakes with great success. Wooly Bugger fly sizes can vary from a size 1 hook all the way down to a size 14 and are tied using Lead Wire or a cone head, Black Marabou, Olive Chenille, and Black Rooster Saddle.Depending on water clarity, depth, and the size of the fish, the Wooly Bugger can be fished on 0x-6x tippet. 


Man posing with a steelhead caught on fly.
Fly NameHook SizeTying Materials NeededTippet Size
Muddler Minnow4-10Dyneema Thread (3/0 or larger)

Mottled turkey

Flat Gold Tinsel

Copper Wire

Grey Squirrel Tail

Deer Hair
Pink Nuke Egg6-10Lt Cahill Uni 6/0 Tread

Egg Yarn - Steelhead Orange

Egg yarn - Apricot Supreme
Intruder2 or 4Red Uni 6/0 Thread

Large Orange Nylon Line

White Artic Fox

Orange and Red Marabou

Orange Chenille

Oval Golden Tinsel- Lrg

Bleached Cow Elk

Black Ostrich Herl

Dumb-bell eyes - Lrg
Otter’s Soft Milking Egg8-20White Uni 6/0 Thread

Otter’s Soft Eggs 6MM

Egg Yarn - Champaign
Egg Sucking Leech2-6Pink & Black 3/0 Uni Thread

Orange Bead ⅛”

Marabou Blood Quills

Wooly Bugger Saddle Hackle

Antron Chenille - Black & Pink
Sucker Spawn8-166/0 Uni Thread - Yellow

Gold Bead - ⅛”

Gold Sparkle Yawn
Hoh Bo Spey2UTC Ultra Thread 140 - Black or Red

25mm Partridge Waddington Shank

UV Ice Dubbing Blue & Black

Jumbo Guinea Hackle - Natural

Spey Marabou

Lady Amherst Quill Strands

UV Krinkle Mirror Flash
Agent Orange66/0 Uni Thread- Hot Orange

Medium Tan Centipede Legs

Body Braid

Hot Orange Ultra Wire

Pearl Core Braid Brown and Peacock Dubbing

Hen Feather

Hot Orange Bead 3/16”
Flashback Hare’s Ear12-14Brass Bead - ⅛”

Size 70 Ultra Thread

Pheasant Tail

Gold Oval Tinsel

Hare’s Ear Dubbing

Pearl Flashabou
Steelhead Bomber6-86/0 Uni Thread - Chartreuse

Red Calf Tail Hair

Deer Hair - Natural & Chartreuse

Brown Saddle Hackle

White Calf Tail Hair

Fluorescent Dubbing - Chartreuse
Clouser Minnow8-1/06/0 White Thread

Dumbell Eyes

White & Olive Bucktail

Gold Krystal Flash
The Kriller2UTC 70 Thread - White

Dumbell Eyes

Senyo’s Laser Yarn - White

Ice Dub - Blue Steelie

X-Select Marabou - Fl. Blue

Ep Fibers - Sky Blue

Rhea Plume - Silver Doctor Blue

Senyo’s Laser Dub - FL Blue

Sili Legs - Pearl

Large Tinsel - Pearl

Ultra Wire - Blue

D-Rib Medium - Clear

Rabbit Strip - Blue/White

Saddle Hackle - White
Dolly Llama2-6UTC 140 Thread - Chartreuse

Rabbit Strip - Charcoal, White

Rabbit Fur - Charcoal

Flash - Lateral Scale

Cone Head
Steelhead Liquid Wrench2Orange Slotted Tungsten Bead - 7/32”

Veevus 140 Denier Thread - Hot Pink

Flashbout - Pearl Blue

Fox Tail - FL Orange, Hot Pink

Schlappen - Fl Hot Pink
  • Steelhead can be frustrating to target and require a lot of casts to be successful. Knowing what steelhead are feeding on in a particular area can help reduce the amount of time it takes to hook them. 
  • A great fly choice for targeting steelhead is the Muddler Minnow. Acting as a baitfish imitation, the Muddler Minnow is tied on a hook size ranging from 4-10. The fly is tied using Flat Gold Tinsel, Mottled Turkey, Copper wire, Grey Squirrel Tail, and Deer Hair. The Muddler Minnow is fished using a 0x-4x tippet. 
  • The Egg Sucking Leech fly acts as a double meal for a hungry steelhead. Appearing as a leech trying to eat an egg as it swims, this is a very productive streamer fly. The Egg Sucking Leech fly is tied on a hook size ranging from 2-6 using an Orange Bead, Marabou Blood Quills, Wooly Bugger Saddle Hackle, and Antron Chenille. When fishing the Egg Sucking Leech, a tippet size of 6-12lb is recommended. 


Salmon jumping out of the water.
Fly NameHook SizeTying Materials NeededTippet Size
Black Ghost68/0 Uni Thread - Black

Strung Saddle Hackle - Yellow

UNI Flat Embossed French Tinsel - Silver

Antron Yarn - Black

Streamer Hackle - White

Hareline Real Fake Jungle Cock
Lady Caroline1/06/0 Uni Thread - Black

Fine Oval Silver Tinsel

& Yellow Floss
Golden Pheasant breast-feather fibers
Berlin Wool - Olive & Brown
Flat Gold Tinsel

Gray Spey Hackle

Bronze Mallard
Hex Nymph6Uni 6/0 Thread - Tan

Gray Pheasant Marabou

Turkey Tail

Aftershaft Pheasant feather

Gold Wire - small

Rabbit Dubbing - Cream

Hen Saddle Feather- Grizzly

Black Mono Eyes - small
0X -3X
Ally’s Shrimp4-10Uni 6/0 Thread - Red

Bucktail - Hot Orange

Oval silver Tinsel

Red & Black Floss

Natural Grey Squirrel Tail

Golden Pheasant Tippet Feather

Soft Fibred Orange Cock Hackle
Stoat’s Tail6-12Uni 6/0 Black Thread

Oval Silver Tinsel

Golden Pheasant Crest

Black Floss Silk

Stoat’s tail

Black Cock Hackle
Glo Bug10-14Veevus GSP White 100 Thread

Plummeting Tungsten Beads - FL Orange 7/64”

McFly Foam - McCheese #24

Ice Dub - UV Hot Orange
Hairwing Flies4-8UTC 140 Denier Thread - Chartreuse and Black

Oval Silver Tinsel

Black Bear Hair Fibers

Green Squirrel Tail

Chartreuse Floss

Black Ostrich Herl

Yellow Cock Hackle
Snakes10UTC 140 Denier Thread - White

20Lb braid - White

Rabbit Zonker - White

Bead Chain Eyes

Fluorescent Flashabou

Krystal Hackle - Chartreuse

Ice Dub - Chartreuse
The Executioner10-12Uni 8/0 Thread Black

Silver Tinsel - Small

Golden Pheasant Toppings

Glo-Brite #4

Holographic Silver Tinsel

Fox Squirrel - Black

Krinkle Flash - Gold

Cock Hackle - Black

Jungle Cock Cheeks
Dobi Coho Crusher1Uni 3/0 Orange Thread

Kreelex Chenille - Blue/Pink

Lateral Flash Pearl

Flashabou Pearl/Orange

Kreelex Dark Blue

Superfly ¼ Bead - Hot Orange
Rockstar2Uni 8/0 Thread - Black

Black or Nickel Cone Head

Gold Flashabou

Ostrich - Pink / Purple

Polar Chenille - Pink / Purple
Coho Kryptonite2Danville’s 210 Denier Thread - Pink

Pearl Krystal Flash

Large Cactus Chenille - Pink or Purple
Chrome Magnet4UTC 140 Thread - Hot Pink

Silver Wire

Flashabou Holo Fuchsia

Ice Dub - Pink

Guinea - Fuchsia

Cone - Large Silver
Deep six26/0 Uni Thread - White

Dazl Eyes - 7/32 Nickel

Flashabou - Chartreuse/Mirage

Marabou - Chartreuse and White
Dirk Wiggler2-4210 Danville’s White Thread

Medium Dumbbell eyes

Intruder Wire

Rubber Sili Legs - Black, Pink, or Purple

Ice Dub Ball


Marabou - Blue, Purple, or Pink

Krinkle Mirror Flash

Large Eye Guinea
Comet2-12210 Danville’s Orange Thread

Hackle - Orange

Holographic Silver Tinsel

Medium Bead Chain Eyes
Cole Cook’s Big Poppa2-4UTC 140 Denier Thread - Black

50lb braid - Trailer

Rabbit Zonker Strip - Fuchsia

Crazy Legs - Salmon Pink / Hot Pink

6MM Fly Foam - White
Super Gee4-6Orange 6/0 Uni Thread

Black Dubbing

Brown Foam - 2mm

Black Goose Biots

Pale Orange Sparkle Dubbing

Orange Krystal Flash

Brown Rubber legs
64 Impala4-6Orange 6/0 Uni Thread

Orange Barred Black Rubber Legs

Gray & Orange 2mm Foam

Pearl Krystal Flash

Moose Body Hair

Orange Lite Brite Dubbing
Bullet Head Salmon Fly6-8FL Flame 6/0 Uni Thread

2mm Black & Orange Foam

Black Goose Biot

Orange Antron

FL Red Krystal Flash

Gray Calf Tail

Elk Body - Black

Black Rubber Legs
Gould’s Half-Down6-10Black 6/0 Uni Thread

Peacock Herl

Black Krystal Flash

Opal Black 1/69 Tinsel

Orange Yarn

Plain Etha Wing

Elk Body Hair

White Widows Web

Brown Hackle
Morningwood Special4-8Black 6/0 Uni Thread

2mm Orange Foam

Black Barred Orange Sexi Floss

Gray EP fibers

Ripple Ice Fiber - Pearl

Black & Pink Antron
Winged True6-8Claret 6/0 Uni Thread

Shaped Plastic Wing

White Widow’s Web

Black Flexi Floss

Claret/Orange Sparkle Dubbing
  • Salmon are incredibly beautiful fish and if timed correctly, can be abundant in numbers. During their spawning migration, salmon will feed out of agitation as they make their way up rivers and therefore are not overly picky feeders.
  • The Glo Bug fly is a great fly for targeting migratory salmon. It is designed to imitate fish roe that is eaten by salmon as they head upstream. The Glo Bug is a floating fly that is easy for anglers to see, allowing them to know when they have a strike. The fly is tied on a size 10-14 hook using Orange Tungsten Beads, Mcfly foam, and Ice Dub in UV hot orange or pink. Glo bugs are typically fished using a 3x-5x tippet. 
  • A great fly option for targeting salmon is the Dirk Wiggler. This is a streamer fly tied on a hook size ranging from 2-4. The fly is tied using Medium Dumbbell Eyes, Intruder Wire, Sili Legs, Ice Dub Ball, Schlappen, Marabou, Krinkle Mirror Flash, and Large Eye Guinea.


Man holding a bass caught on fly.
Fly NameHook SizeTying Materials NeededTippet Size
Seaducer Popper6-1/0Veevus GSP 100 Black Thread

Double Barrel Popper Bodies

Hedron Flashabou - Black

Strung Saddle Hackle - Barred, Yellow

Round Rubber Legs - Medium Black

Marabou Strung Blood Quills - FL. Yellow, Orange, Chartreuse

Fish Skull Living Eyes - Fire Size 4
Zudbubbler1-3/0Danville’s 100 Thread - Yellow

Zudbubbler Popper Bodies - Yellow

Bucktail - White

SF Flash Blend - UV White

Ice Dub - UV pearl

Saddle Hackle - Yellow, Yellow Grizzly

5MM Fish Eyes
Foam Popper2-4/06/0 Uni Red Danville Flat Waxed Thread

Hackle Feathers - Olive

Marabou - Olive

Foam Block - Orange

Stick on Eyes

Silli Legs - Chartreuse barred.
Clouser Deep Minnow1/0-6UTC 140 Denier - White

Large Painted Lead Eyes - Pearl White

White Bucktail

Hot Pink, Chartreuse, or Olive Bucktail

UV Pearl Crystal Flash
Galloup’s Peanut Envy1/0-6Danville 210 Olive Thread

Tungsten ConeHead - Large

Marabou - Olive

Strung Saddle Hackle - Variant Olive

Ice Dub - Olive

Flashabou - Olive

Red Killer Caddis Bead

Sili Legs - Color to match body

Mason Hard Mono - 25Lb
Double Bunny1/0-43/0 Uni Olive Thread

Lead Wire

Medium or MagnumRabbit Strips - Olive and White

Flashabou or Krystal Flash

Wapsi Holo Dome Eyes
Sneaky Pete4-86/0 Uni Thread Waxed - Chartreuse

Veevus GSP - White Denier Thread

Grizzly Flutter Legs - Black Barred FL Fire Orange

Ice Chenille - Medium - Black

Foam Popper Head

Fish Skull Living Eyes - Fire 4mm
Murdich Slider2-106/0 Uni Thread - White

Flashabou - Silver and Pearl

Bucktail - White

Ice Fur - White

Pearl Estaz

Grey Marker

Silver or Pearl 3D eyes - size 5
Dahlberg Diving Bug2-86/0 Uni Thread - White

Marabou - White

Flashabou - Silver & Pearl

Saddle Hackle - Grizzly

Deer Hair - White & Black
Spiller’s Diver1-2/06/0 Uni Thread - Black

Hard Mono - 40LB

Copper Tail Flash

Rabbit Zonker Strip - Orange Barred & Black

Foam - Black

Stick on Eyes - Medium Red
Whitlock’s Sheep Minnow4-8Nylon Thread - White

Hackle - Yellow Variant & Grizzly

Flashabou - Silver

Deer Hair - Yellow, Gray, and White

Holographic Eyes - Chartreuse
Morrish Mouse2-63/0 Thread - Black

Rabbit Strip - Brown or Black

Closed Cell Foam - Black

Dark Cow Elk or Deer Hair
Lunchable Streamer2-8140 UTC Thread - Fire Orange

Lead Eyes - Medium Yellow

Rabbit Strips - Barred White & Tan

Laser Dub - White

Sili Legs - Tan
Shimmering Minnow2-66/0 Uni Thread - White

Strung Marabou - White, Olive, Burnt Orange

Palmer Chenille - Medium Pearl

Fish Skull Fish Mask -#5

Fish Skull Living Eyes - Ice

3D Beads - White, Black, Gray, Light Olive

Wire Bite - 20lb

Flashabou - Pearl, Silver, Gold

Gray, Blue, and Olive Marker
Meat Whistle2/0-2UTC 140 Denier - Rusty Brown

Tungsten Cone - Copper

Brassie Sized UTC Ultra Wire - Copper Brown

Sparkle Braid - Copper

Rabbit Strips - Rusty Brown

Sili Legs - Pumpkin Barred

Flashabou - Copper

Marabou - Brown
Troy Basso’s Nightstalker2/0-26/0 Uni Thread - Black

Dumbell eyes - Medium White

Rabbit Zonker - Black and Purple

Sili Legs - Black
Croff’s Nervous Neda2/0-2210 Denier Thread - Brown

Rabbit Strip - Rusty Brown

Palmer Chenille - Medium Pearl

Rubber Legs - White

Sammuel’s Articulated Steelhead shank - 40mm

Foam - Brown 6mm

SLF Prism Dub - Rust
Burgin Bugger2-8Gold Bead - 5/32”

Lead Wire - .02

UTC 140 Denier - Olive

Marabou - Olive

Krystal Flash - Gold

Ultra Chenille - Olive

Hackle - Grizzly Olive
Deceiver2-4/03/0 Uni Thread - Chartreuse

Rooster Saddle Hackle -White

Krystal Flash - Pearl & Red

Flashabou - Pearl

Flat Silver Tinsel

Bucktail - White & Chartreuse

Stick on Eyes
Tequeely2-83/0 Mono or UTC 140 Denier Thread - Orange or Black

Gold Brass Bead - 5-32”

Lead Wire - .030

Marabou - Yellow & Black

Crystal Chenille - Copper - Large

Cactus Chenille - Medium - Pearl

Rubber legs - Medium - Yellow
Bunny Bass Leech1/0-6Uni 6/0 Thread - Black

Lead Eyes - Medium - Red (Optional)

Rabbit Zonker - Magnum - Black

Cross-cut Rabbit - Black
Dahlberg Diver Frog2/0-26/0 Veevus Thread - White

Rabbit Strip - Green or Chartreuse

Deer Hair - Black & Green

30lb Monofilament Nylon

Fish Skull Living Eyes - Fire
Crazy Dad4-86/0 Uni Thread - Camel

Brass Hourglass Eyes - Medium

Sparkle Leech Dubbing - Pumpkin

Sili Legs - Camel/Orange Fire Tip

Bucktail or Deer Hair - Brown
Magic Minnow1-0-4Veevus Mono Thread - 10mm

Angel Hair - Pearl Green

Angel Hair - FL Chartreuse

Angel Hair - Peacock

3D Epoxy Eyes - 4mm
Hot Head Damsel2-88/0 Uni Thread - Olive

Brass Bead - Orange 3.8mm

Marabou - Medium Olive

Trout Line UV Ribbing Fibres - Orange

Super Natural Dubbin - Olive

French Partridge Hackle - Olive

English Partridge Hackle - Olive
Grim Reaper1-1/06/0 Veevus Thread - Black

Fish Reaper Tail - Large - Black

UV Polar Chenille - Black

Saddle Hackle - Grizzly

Flutter Legs - Purple & Black

Lead Eyes - Medium Red
Jawbreaker1/0-46/0 Uni Thread - White

Cone head - Medium

2” Twister Tail

Marabou - White

Cactus Chenille - Medium- White

Saddle Hackle Feather - Cream or White

Copper Wire

Sili Legs - Pearl or Peacock
  • Bass are a popular fish to target due to the fact that they can be found in almost any fresh water area. They are known for their aggressive eats that resemble an explosion on the surface. Feeding a bass is more about getting their attention than what the fly actually looks like. Bass eat a variety of different prey and are not picky feeders. 
  • One of the best ways to get a hungry bass’ attention is to use a Foam Popper fly. These flies are extremely effective and give the angler the visual experience of the eat. The Foam Popper fly is tied on a 2-4/0 hook using Hackle Feathers, Marabou, Foam Block, Stick On Eyes, and Sili Legs. Bass are often staging near structure and feisty fighters, therefore the use of 15-25lb tippet is recommended. 
  • When fishing for bass lower in the water column, a great fly choice is the Bunny Bass Leech. Designed to imitate leeches and even small baitfish, this fly is extremely effective for targeting bass in deeper water. The Bunny Bass Leech is tied on a hook size ranging from 1/0-6 using Lead Eyes, Rabbit Zonker, and Cross-cut Rabbit strips. The recommended tippet size for this fly ranges between 15-30lb depending on the water clarity and presence of structure.
  • One of the deadliest bass flies is the Deceiver. Although this fly can be used for a multitude of different species, it works incredibly well when fishing for bass. Deceiver flies vary in size and can be tied on hook sizes ranging from 2-4/0. The Deceiver is tied using Rooster Saddle Hackle, Krystal Flash, Flashabou, Flat Silver Tinsel, Bucktail, and Stick on Eyes. When using a Deceiver fly to target bass, a 15-30lb tippet is recommended.


Captain James holding a bonefish caught on fly.
Fly NameHook SizeTying Materials NeededTippet Size
Bauer’s Flats Crab43/0 Uni Thread - Olive or tan

Lead Dumbbell eyes - Small

Sheep Fleece, lamb’s wool, or McFly foam - Olive or Tan

Burnt Mono Eyes

Sili Legs - Gray
Beck’s Sili Legs2-6UTC 140 Thread - FL. Chartreuse

Lagartun French Mini Flatbraid - Pearl

Krystal Flash - Pearl

EP Fibers - Chartreuse

Crazy Legs - Pearl/FL Orange Tipped

Spirit River Dazl - Eyes
Bone Appetite2-4210 Denier Thread - Pale Pink

Bead Chain Eyes - Medium

Krystal Flash - Shrimp Pink

Arctic Fox - Tan

Diamond Braid - Shrimp Pink

Sili Legs - Clear with Silver Flake
Bonefish Bitters4-8Danville Flat Wax Nylon Thread - Olive

Silver Bead Chain - Small

EP Fiber - Olive, Brown, or Tan

Krystal Flash - Pearl

Sili Legs - Barred

Loon UV Gel Mixed with Glitter
Bonefish Scampi2-4UTC 140 Denier Thread - FL Fire Orange

Silver Bead Chain Eyes - Medium

Mylar Tubing - Medium - Pearl

Flat Diamond Braid - Pearl

Rabbit Zonker - Tan

Craft Fur - Cream

Krystal Flash - Pearl
Bonefish Junk2-6UTC 140 Denier Thread - Fire Orange

Bead Chain Eyes - Silver - Medium

Super Floss - Shrimp Pink & Bonefish Tan

Diamond Braid - Pearl

Orange Egg Yarn

Melted Monofilament Eyes
Borski Bonefish Slider2Danville Monofilament Thread

Hareline Painted Dumbbell Eyes - Large - Yellow

Hareline Extra Select Craft Fur - Tan

Hareline Variant Neck Hackle

Deer Hair - Tan
Chernobyl Crab2Uni Mono Thread

Hareline Painted Lead Eyes - Medium - Yellow

Harline Bugger Hackle Patches - Grizzly Brown

Hareline Extra Select Strung Marabou - Tan

Hareline Premo Deer Hair Strips - Light Tan
Chili Pepper4-8Veevus 6/0 Thread - FL Orange

Beadchain Eyes - Small or Medium

Flashabou - Mirage (Opal)

D-Rib - Medium - Lt Gold

Lateral Scale - 1/16 - Mirage

Calf Tail - Orange

Midge Krystal Flash - Gold
Christmas Island Special1-8210 Denier Thread - Pink or Orange

Dumbbell Eyes - Brass

Flashabou - Fluorescent Orange

Craft Fur - Tan
Crazy Charlie4-8Bead Chain Eyes - Medium

Hareline Calf Tail - Pink

D Rib - Clear

Krystal Flash - Pink
DL’s Stealth Fly4-8210 Denier Thread - Tan or Brown

Bead Chain Eyes - Medium - Gold or Tan

Rabbit Strips - FL Orange

Rabbit Strips - Magnum - Tan

Chicone’s Barred Micro Crusher Legs - Brown/Clear

Krystal Flash - Bonefish Pink

Yarn - Tan
Ghost Shrimp4-66/0 Veevus Thread - Orange

Nickel Eyes - Small

EP Fibers - Tan

Krystal Flash - Pearl

Midge Flash - Pearl and Black

Bonecrusher Legs - Micro - Sand

EP Crab Shrimp Mono Eyes - Small - Black
Ehlers’ Bonefish Reaper2-66/0 Uni Thread - Pink

Painted Lead Eyes - Medium - White

Krystal Flash - Bonefish Pink

Hyper Flex Reaper Tail - Medium - White

Marking Pen - Tan

Rabbit Strips - Light Brown
Mantis Shrimp2-6UTC 140 Thread - Tan

Bead Chain Eyes - Large - Silver

EP Crab/Shrimp Eyes - Small - Black

Rabbit Zonker Strip - Tan

Krystal Flash - Pearl/Black

Craft Fur - Tan

Sili Legs - Amber/Gold Flake
Spawning Shrimp2-4210 Denier Thread - Fl Orange Or Mono Thread

Tungsten Dumbbell Eyes

Grip - Nylon Blend - Orange

Krystal Flash - Pearl

Rabbit Zonker - Tan

Craft Fur - Grizzly Tan

Sili Legs - Orange or Tan Variant

Burnt Monofilament Eyes
Flats Fiend2-4210 Denier Thread - Pink

Gold Bead Chain Eyes - Medium

Craft Fur - Camel Tan

Krystal Flash - Pearl and Black

Ultra Chenille - Tan

Melted Mono Eyes - Yellow

Marking Pen - Brown or Tan
Flip Flop2-6UTC 140 Thread - FL Shell Pink

Silver Bead Chain Eyes - Medium/Large

Krystal Flash - Black and Copper

Craft Fur - Tan

Melted Mono Eyes - Orange

Superfloss - Shrimp

Marker - Brown and Orange
Gotcha2-8UTC 140 Denier Thread - Pink or Tan

Bead Chain Eyes - Medium

Mylar Tubing - Medium - Pearlescent

Flat Diamond Braid - Pearl

Craft Fur - Tan

Krystal Flash - Gray Ghost #21
Kendrick’s Wooly Mantis2-4UTC 210 Denier Thread - FL Orange

Double Pupil Lead Eyes - Small - FL Orange or White

Pseudo Hair - Peach

Senyo’s Fusion Dub - Eat a Peach & Crusty Nail

EP Wooly Critter Brush - 0.5” - Tan

Mason Hard Nylon - 20lb
Kung Fu Crab2-4Lagartun X Strong 95 Denier Thread - Beige

Wooly Bugger Saddle Hackle - Variant

Dumbbell Eyes - 5/32 - Silver

Diamond Braid - FL Shrimp Pink

Rabbit Zonker - Magnum - Cream

EP Fiber - Tan

Loco Legs - Olive

Krystal Flash - Bonefish Tan
Meko Special4-86/0 Uni Thread - Pink

Silver Bead Chain Eyes - 5/32

Craft Fur - Tan

Krystal Flash - Gold/Pink

Rug Yarn - Tan

Saddle Hackle - Brown
Mini Puff4-6UTC 140 Thread - Fire Orange

Bead Chain Eyes - Silver - Medium

Calf Tail - Tan

Grizzly Hackle Tips

Krystal Flash - Copper

Ultra Chenille - Hot Orange
Squimp2-6UTC 140 Denier Thread - Cream

Bead Chain Eyes - Medium - Silver

Craft Fur - Tan

Crazy Legs - Shrimp Pink/Pearl Flake

Ultra Chenille - Medium - Brown

UTC Ultra Wire - Medium - Copper

Krystal Flash - Pearl
Suga Daddie2-66/0 Uni Thread - Pink

Bead Chain Eyes - Medium - Brass

Ultra Chenille - Medium - Tan

Craft Fur - Tan

Krystal Flash - Pearl

Crazy Legs - White

Hackle Tips - White

Marker - Gold, Black, Red
Spawning Mantis2-66/0 Uni Thread - Fire Orange

Bead Chain Eyes - Black - Medium

Krystal Flash - Pearl

Craft Fur - Tan

Rabbit Fur - Flame Orange

Crazy Legs - Rootbeer/Orange Tipped
Super Swimming Shrimp2-4Uni 3/0 Thread - Gray or Brown

Spirit River Prismatic Tape Eyes

Calf Tail - White

Krystal Flash - Orange

Rubber Legs - Red/White

Deer Body Hair - Rusty Brown
Bahama Mama6-10UTC 140 Danville Thread - FL Orange

Bead Chain Eyes - Medium

Mini Flat Braid - FL Orange & Pearl

Rabbit Fur - Tan

Sili Legs - Orange/Black

Krystal Flash - Pearl
  • Bonefish are one of the most prized saltwater species to target on fly. These fish are often referred to as the grey ghost due to their ability to camouflage themselves over any color bottom. Bonefish have incredible eyesight and will see even the smallest flies from far away. Although bonefish are known for being spooky, they are aggressive feeders. A well placed fly to an unsuspecting bonefish rarely gets refused. 
  • The Bonefish Scampi is a popular bonefish fly as it closely imitates a small crustacean. The Bonefish Scampi is tied on a hook size ranging from 2-4 and is made using Silver Bead Chain Eyes, Mylar Tubing, Pearl Diamond Braid, Krystal Flash, Rabbit Zonker, and Craft Fur. The recommended tippet size is 10-17lb due to the great visibility of bonefish.
  • Borski’s Bonefish Slider is a great bonefish fly in the Florida Keys and Caribbean. The Bonefish Slider has the ability to imitate both a shrimp and crab depending on how it is fished. Borski’s Bonefish Slider is tied on a size 2 hook and made using Dumbbell Eyes, Craft Fur, Variant Neck Hackle, and Deer Hair. Since this fly larger than typical bonefish flies, the recommended tippet size is 12-20lb. 
  • Bonefish feed heavily on shrimp as a main source of their diet. An effective bonefish shrimp fly is the Ghost Shrimp. The Ghost Shrimp is tied on a hook size ranging from 4-6 and is tied using Small Nickel Eyes, EP Fibers, Krystal Flash, Bonecrusher Legs, and EP Shrimp Mono Eyes. The recommended tippet size when using a Ghost Shrimp is 8-17lb.


Man holding permit fish.
Fly NameHook SizeTying Materials NeededTippet Size
Avalon Permit Fly2UTC 140 Denier Thread - Tan

Dumbbell Eyes - 3mm - Gold or Silver

Hard Mono - 20lb

Stainless Steel Beads - 2.8mm

Arctic Fox - Yellow/Orange

Krystal Flash - Wine

Hareline Grizzly Barred Rubber Legs - Medium - Orange

Diamond Braid - Pearl

Marabou - Tan

Rabbit Zonker - Tan
Doug McKnight ER Crab2-1/0Flat Wax Nylon Thread - Tan

Lead Wire - 0.20

Lead Dumbbell Eyes - Medium

Wooly Bugger Marabou - White

Krystal Flash - Pearl

Rooster Hackles - Grizzly

Round Rubber Legs - White

Fury Foam - White
Danger Muffin Crab2-4Flat Wax Nylon Thread - White

Lead Wire - 0.20

Lead Dumbbell Eyes - Medium

Rabbit Fur - Tan and White

Deer Hair - Bleach and Brown

Furry Foam - White

Crab Claws - White

Ultra Micro Chenille - Tan and White
Cathy’s Fleeing Crab2-6UTC 140 Denier Thread - FL Green

Dumbbell Eyes - 5/32” - Silver

Marabou - Rust/Tan

Flashabou - Pearl

EP Fibers - Tan

Sili Legs - Hot Tipped
Sargasso Crab Fly2UTC 140 Denier Thread - Tan

Melted Mono Eyes - Tan

Crystal Flash - Pearl

Chocones Crusher Legs - Barred Brown

Knotted EP 3D Silky Fiber - Sand

EVA Foam - 2mm - White

Sharpie - Marigold
EP Tarantula Crab2UTC 140 Denier Thread - FL Green

Lead Dumbbell Eyes - Medium

EP Fiber - Brown

EP Streamer Brush - Orange

Krystal Flash - Black

Buggy Nymph Legs - Rootbeer

EP Crab Claws - Tan

Mono Eyes - Natural

EP Tarantula Brush - 1” - Brown
EP Spawning Shrimp1/0-8UTC 140 Denier Thread - Orange

Dumbbell Eyes - Medium - Gold

Arctic Fox - Orange

Loco Legs - Tan

Krystal Flash - Black

Senyo’s Laser Yarn - Hot Pink

EP Shrimp Dub Brush - Tan

Mono Eyes - Orange
Flexo Crab2UTC 210 Denier Thread - Tan

Flexo-Cord - ¼” - Tan

Lead Eyes - Medium - Silver

EP Crab/Shrimp Eyes - Small - Amber

Ultra Chenille - Standard - Tan

Sharpie - Tan & Orange
Fat Boy Crab2UTC 140 Denier Thread - FL Green

Lead Dumbbell Eyes - Medium - Silver

Marabou - Tan

Krystal Flash - Pearl

Sili Legs - Tan/black Barred

EP Invader Brush - Tan
Grand Slam Crab1/0-2Danville’s 210 Flat Waxed Nylon Thread - Chartreuse Green

Dumbbell Eyes - Medium - Brass

Marabou - Grizzly

Polar Flash - Pearl

Mono Eyes - Natural

20Lb Mono

Tungsten Beads - 5mm

EP Fiber - Sand

Sili Legs - Tan
Permit Crab1/0-2Uni Mono Thread

Dumbbell Eyes - Medium - Yellow

Life Flex Legs - Yellow

EP Crustaceous Brush - 1.5” - Sand

Grizzly Marabou - Tan
Rag Head Crab2-6210 Denier Flat Waxed Thread - Chartreuse

Dumbbell Eyes - 5/32 - Yellow

Woolly Bugger Saddle Hackle - Variant

Tan Felt

Round Rubber Legs - White

Krystal Flash - Bonefish Tan
Rio’s Shrimp Tease1/0-6210 Denier Thread - FL Orange

EP Shrimp Dub Brush - Clear

Mono Eyes - Black

Chicone Crusher legs - Brown/Clear & Pink/Clear

Craft Fur - Tan

Sharpie - Yellow Gold
Sandy’s Cracked Crab2-6UTC 140 Denier Thread - FL Chartreuse

Lead Dumbbell Eyes - Medium

Hen Cape Feathers - Grizzly

Cactus Chenille - Pearl

Mono Eyes - Large - Black

EP Fiber - Sand
Del’s Merkin2-4UTC 140 Denier Thread - FL Green

Brass Dumbbell Eyes - Medium

Saddle Hackle - Grizzly

Flashabou - Pearl

EP Fiber - Sand

Round Rubber Legs - White

Sharpie - Red
Strong Arm Merkin2Cascade 210 Denier Thread - Cream

Lead Dumbbell Eyes - X-Small

Ultra Chenille - White

Rabbit Fur - White

Sparkle Yarn - White & Cream

Saddle Hackle - White/Cream

Sili Legs - Clear with Orange Tip & Olive

Sharpie - Orange / Olive
Veverka’s Mantis Shrimp2-6UTC 140 Thread - Tan

Bead Chain Eyes - Large - Silver

EP Crab/Shrimp Eyes - Small - Black

Rabbit Zonker Strip - Tan

Krystal Flash - Pearl/Black

Craft Fur - Tan

Sili Legs - Amber/Gold Flake
  • Permit are undoubtedly one of the most difficult fish to catch on fly. They have the ability to pick up your fly and spit it back out before you even know what happened. Fishing for permit will test any anglers skills, so having the right fly is a must. 
  • The Rag Head Crab is the most effective fly pattern when fishing in Mexico and Belize. The Rag Head Crab is tied on a hook size ranging from 2-6 and is tied using Dumbbell Eyes, Wooly Bugger Saddle Hackle, Tan Felt, Round Rubber Legs, and Krystal Flash. They are extremely line shy, therefore the recommended tippet size for fishing the Rag Head Crab is 10-17lb.
  • A popular permit fly when fishing the Florida Keys is the Strong Arm Merkin. The Strong Arm Merkin is tied on a size 2 hook and uses Lead Dumbbell Eyes, Ultra Chenille, Rabbit Fur, Sparkle Yarn, Saddle Hackle, and Sili Legs. The recommended tippet size for fishing a Strong Arm Merkin is 12-20lb. 
  • When permit are feeding higher in the water column, they will typically be eating shrimp. In these instances a fly is needed that has a slower sink rate and imitates a shrimp. The EP Spawning Shrimp fly is a great option when fishing for permit. The Spawning Shrimp is tied on a hook size ranging from 1/0-6 and uses Dumbbell Eyes, Arctic Fox, Loco Legs, Krystal Flash, Laser yarn, EP Shrimp Dub Brush, and Mono Eyes. Similar to other permit flies, the recommended tippet size is 12-20lb.


Captain James holding a tarpon.
Fly NameHook SizeTying Materials NeededTippet Size
Tarpon Toad1-0-3/0Danville’s 210 Denier Thread - Chartreuse

Rabbit Zonker - Chartreuse

Krystal Flash - FL Chartreuse

Cross Cut Rabbit Strip - Yellow

Mono Eyes - Medium - Black

EP Fibers - Green Chartreuse
Cockroach1-3/0Danville’s 210 Denier Thread - Red

Schlappen Hackle - Natural Grizzly

Rabbit Strips - Natural Gray

Bucktail - Brown

Saddle Hackle - Grizzly

Krystal Flash - Grey Ghost
Tarpon Slider1-0-3/0Danville’s 210 Denier Thread - Olive

Ice Dub - UV Hot Orange

Craft Fur - Sand

EP Foxy Brush - 1.5” - Tan

Saddle Hackle - Natural Variant

Mono Eyes - Olive

Elk Hair - Cream
Mcknight’s Homeslice1/0-3/0Danville 210 Denier Thread - Pink

Marabou - Tan & White

Hard Mason - 16lb

Fox Tail - Tan

Rooster Neck - Bleach Grizzly

Krystal Flash - UV Tan

Mono Eyes - Medium - Black
EP Peanut Butter1-4/06/0 Clear Monofilament Thread

EP Sparkle Fibers - Red

EP Fibers - Black & Purple

3D Eyes - Large
Black Death1-3/0Danville’s 3/0 Monocord - Waxed

Strung Chinese Rooster Saddle - Red & Black

Rabbit Fur - Black

Prismatic Tape Eyes
Schmidt’s Gurgler2-2/0Uni 3/0 Thread - Black

Rabbit Strip - Purple

Rubber Round Legs - Black

Krystal Flash - Purple

Estaz - Purple

Saddle Hackle - Purple

Foam - 4mm - Black
Tarpon Bunny1/0-3/0Danville’s 6/0 Thread - Black or Chartreuse

Hard Mono - 20lb

Rabbit Strip - Black, Purple, or Chartreuse

Mono Eyes - Medium - Black
Foam Palolo1-2/0UTC 210 Denier Thread - Tan or Chartreuse

Ultra Chenille - Medium - Tan

Fly Foam - 3mm - Red

Hard Mono - 20lb
Giacobba’s Skrimp1-2/0UTC 210 Thread - Brown

Bead Chain Eyes - XLrge - Black

Estaz - Amber Orange

Craft Fur - Tan

Dry Fly Rooster Neck - #2

EP Minnow Head Brush - 1.5” - Shrimp Tan
Dragon Tail2/0-6/0UTC 210 Thread - Black or Chartreuse

Mangum’s UV2 Dragon Tail - Chartreuse or Black

EP Craft Fur Brush - Olive/Orange or Purple

Senyo’s Laser Dub - Red

Holo Super Adhesive Eyes - 5-16”
Tarpon Shrimp1-3/0UTC 210 Thread - Hot Orange

Craft Fur - Tan

Hard Mono - 30lb

Krystal Flash - Rootbeer

Sili Legs - Tan

Krystal Chenille - Tan

Finnish Racoon - Yellow

Marker - Brown
Tarpon Tapas1/0-3/0UTC 210 Thread - Tan

Craft Fur Dubbed - Tan

Craft Fur - Orange
Game Changer1-3/0UTC 210 Thread - White

Articulated Fish Spines - 10mm

Fish Skull Living Eyes - 8.5mm - Ice

Strung Marabou - White

Chocklett’s Finesse Body Chenille - Large - Clear

Wire Tippet - 30lb
Guido Shrimp1-2/0UTC 210 Thread - Tan

EP Tarantula Brush - 1” - Tan

Fly Foam - 2mm - Tan

Craft Fur - Sand

Mono Eyes - Black

Marker - Tan & Red
Enrico’s Tarpon Streamer1/0-6/0UTC 210 Thread - Black

Sparkle Dub Brush - Red

EP Fiber - Purple & Black/

3D ds/s;cStick on Eyes - Large
  • Tarpon are one of the oldest fish in the ocean and therefore are quite smart. Prized as one of the best saltwater gamefish, the tarpon has incredible size, strength, and acrobatics. There are not many fish of its size that will air completely out of the water. 
  • Tarpon have great eyesight and even have the ability to see in the dark. When fishing for tarpon it is important to pay attention to how the fish are feeding. When tarpon are busting on bait pods, larger flies should be thrown. If fishing dark stagnant water, then large dark flies should be used. If the water is clear, fishing a really small fly is your best bet for success. Therefore the fly sizes for tarpon range from really small size 1 flies all the way up to size 6/0 flies. 
  • The Tarpon Toad is an incredible fly for targeting tarpon of all sizes and in various conditions. It can be tied small on a size 1 hook or made larger all the way up to a size 3/0 hook.The materials used to tie the Tarpon Toad include Rabbit Zonker, Krystal Flash, Cross Cut Rabbit Strip, EP Fibers, and Mono Eyes. Due to the size of tarpon and their abrasive mouths, it is recommended to use a 30-60lb tippet. 
  • The EP Peanut Butter Baitfish fly is designed to imitate large bait fish such as mullet. This fly is effective when fishing dirty water or when fishing around bait pods. It ranges in sizes from 1-4/0 and is tied using EP Sparkle Fibers, EP Fibers, and 3D eyes. The recommended tippet size for the EP Peanut butter is 30-80lb. 
  • The Game Changer Fly is one of the most realistic baitfish presentations due to its articulated design. It can be tied small on a size 1 hook or made bigger up to a size 3/0. The Game Changer is tied using Articulated Fish Spines, Fish Skull Living Eyes, Strung Marabou, Chocklett’s Finesse Body Chenille, and Wire Tippet. Like other tarpon flies, the recommended tippet size for the game changer fly is 30-60lb.


Man holding a redfish.
Fly NameHook SizeTying Materials NeededTippet Size
Kinky Muddler2-3/0Fine Monofilament Thread

Craft Fur - Brown and White

SF Fibers - Brown and White

Holographic Adhesive Eyes
Fools Gold2-1/0UTC 210 Thread - Red

Raccoon Tail - Tan

Saddle Hackle - Chartreuse

Mylar Tubing - Small - Gold

Dumbbell Eyes - Medium - Black
Dupre Spoon Fly2-1/0Danville Flat Waxed Nylon - Pink

Bead Chain Eyes - Medium

Colored Mylar - Peach Rain

Acetate Sheet Material - Clear

Double Sided Cellophane Tape

Hackle Tips - Pink

Flashabou - Opal

Crystal Flash - Shrimp

Craft Fur - Pink

5- Minute Epoxy - Clear
Razmataz2-1/0UTC 210 Thread - Red

Craft Fur - Brown

Krystal Flash - Red

SF Blend - Tan

EP Tarantula Brush - 1”- Brown

Lead Dumbbell Eyes - Medium - Red

Micro Chenille - Medium - Pink
Kwan2-1/0UTC Ultra 140 Thread - Tan

Bead Chain Eyes - Medium - Black

EP Fiber - Tan & Bronze

Mcfly Foam - Orange

Coyote Tail Fur
Everglades Special2-2/0Veevus 140 Power Thread - Brown

Flashabou - Red

EP Fiber - Tan, Brown, White, & Chartreuse

3D Eyes - 8mm

Marker - Brown
Crafty Shrimp1-1/0UTC Ultra 140 Thread - Tan

Dumbbell Eyes - Medium - Brass

Craft Fur - Tan

Melted Mono Eyes

Chenille - Bonefish Tan
Enrico’s Finger Mullet1-3/0Veevus 140 Power Thread - Gray

EP Fiber - Grey, Dark Gray. and Red

Krystal Flash - Pearl Blue

Adhesive 3D Eyes
Plantation Crab1-2/0Danville Flat Waxed Nylon - Fluorescent Green

Lead Dumbbell Eyes - Medium - Chartreuse

Finnish Raccoon - Light Gray

Crazy Legs - Barred and Speckled Orange

Flashabou - Pearl

Marabou - Light Olive

EP Tarantual Brush - Tan

EP 3D Fibers - Eel Green & Sand
Redfish Crack1/0-4Veevus 140 Power Thread - Brown

Dumbbell Eyes - Medium - Brass

Craft Fur - Tan

Krystal Flash - Gold

Polar Chenille - Red

EP Brush - 1.5” - Tan

Marker - Brown
Ragin’ Craven2-1/0UTC 210 Denier Thread - Tan

Lead Dumbbell Eyes - Medium - Plain

Krystal Flash - Rootbeer and Black

Craft Fur Dubbing - Tan

Saddle Hackle - Variant

Rubber Legs - Grizzly Natural Barred
EP Topwater Shrimp1-2/0Danville’s 210 Denier Thread - White

Craft Fur - White

Polar Chenille - Orange

EP Shrimp Dub Brush - Shrimp Pink

Mono Eyes - Black

Fly Foam - 2mm - White & Red
The Seeker1-0-3/0Danville’s 210 Denier Thread - Orange

Craft Fur - Olive, Chartreuse, Orange

Saddle Hackle - Olive, Chartreuse, Orange

Accent Flash - Olive

Kyrstal Flash - Copper
Seaducer2-2/03/0 Uni Thread - Red

Saddle Hackle - White & Red
G’s Marsh Minnow1-2/0UTC 210 Denier Thread - Chartreuse

Dumbbell Eyes - Extra Small - White

Palmer Chenille - Medium - Chartreuse

Craft Fur - Tan

Krystal Flash - Pearl

Crazy Legs - Yellow Chartreuse Green

EP Foxy Brush - 1.5” - Tan

EP Tarantual Brush - 1” - Tan

Kiptail - Chartreuse
Assassin Shrimp1-1/0UTC 140 Denier - White

Bead Chain Eyes - Medium - Black

Krystal Flash - Pink, Pearl, or Yellow

Soft Hackle - Grey

Palmer Chenille - White

Saddle Hackle - Brown Grizzly
Rio’s Hopedale Crab1/0UTC 210 Denier - Brown

Dumbbell Lead Eyes - Medium

EP Tarantula Brush - Brown/Olive

Sili Legs = Speckled Chartreuse or Tan

Flashabou - Pearl Olive

Craft Fur - Olive or Brown
Marsh Crab2-1/0UTC 210 Denier Thread - White

Dumbbell Eyes - Small - Brass

Saddle Hackle - White

Flashabou - Gold

Bucktail - White

Elk Hair - Natural
Borski’s Redfish Slider2-1/0210 Denier Thread - Brown

Lead Dumbbell Eye - Large

Craft Fur - Tan

Saddle Hackle - Orange

Krystal Flash - Bronze

Deer Hair - Natural

Marker - Brown
Murdich Wiggler1-1/0210 Denier Thread - Yellow

Krystal Flash - Gold

Palmer Chenille -Medium - Tan

Polar Chenille - Copper

Burnt Mono Eyes - Black

Hard Mono - 30lb

Lead Wire - .03

Estaz - Gold
Redfish Scampi (St Simons)4-1/0Danville’s Fine Monofilament Thread

Presentation Lead Eyes - Xsmall - Black

Krystal Flash - Copper

Polar Chenille - UV Copper

Rabbit Zonker - Black & Orange Bar

Tarantula Legs - Orange Bar
  • Redfish can be targeted from the Texas Coast all the way up the Eastern Seaboard. These fish are extremely aggressive eaters and are not very picky. When targeting redfish, the type of fly you use isn’t as important as how you present it. They will generally eat anything that is in front of them. 
  • The Redfish Crack fly is an effective and relatively easy to tie fly. Tied on a hook ranging from 4-1/0, the Redfish Crack is made using Dumbbell Eyes, Craft Fur, Krystal Flash, Polar Chenille, and EP Brush. The Redfish Crack fly is best fished using a 15-25lb tippet. 
  • When redfish are targeting baitfish, it is best to use the EP Finger Mullet fly. The Finger Mullet fly ranges in hook size from 1-3/0 depending on the size of the fish you are targeting. The EP Finger Mullet is tied using EP Fiber, Krystal Flash, and Adhesive 3D eyes. This fly can be used to target large redfish and therefore the recommended tippet size is 15-30lb. 
  • The most popular fly used to target redfish is Borski’s Redfish Slider. The Redfish Slider is designed to imitate a shrimp and uses hook sizes ranging from 2-1/0. Borksi’s Redfish Slider is tied using Lead Dumbbell Eyes, Craft Fur, Saddle Hackle, Krystal Flash, Deer Hair, and a Brown Marker. The recommended tippet size for Borski’s Redfish Slider is 15-20lb.


Snook caught on fly.
Fly NameHook SizeTying Materials NeededTippet Size
Squibbster1-4UNI Mono Thread

Bead Chain Eyes - Medium - Black

Steve Farrar Blend - White

Strung Marabou - White

Krystal Flash - Pearl

EP Wooly Critter Brush - White
Spanker Fly1-2/0UTC 210 Denier Thread - White

Sparkle Eyes - Large - Red Eye

Congo Baitfish Blends -Chartreuse /Needlefish

Krystal Flash - Pearl

Palmer Chenille - Medium - FL Chartreuse & Brown
Backwater Muddler2-2/0UTC 210 Denier Thread - White

Bead Chain Eyes - Medium - Black

Marabou - White & Tan

Flashabou Accent - Tan/Pearl

Sili Legs - Metallic Gold

Coyote Fur Piece

EP Foxy Brush - 1.5” - Tan
Ghost Rat2-2/0UTC 210 Denier Thread - White

Bead Chain Eyes - Medium - Black

Craft Fur - White

Ice Dub - Pearl

Marabou - White

EP Minnow Brush - White

Marker - Gray
EP Baitfish1-2/0Danville Monofilament Thread

Fish-Skull Living Eyes - Fire - 8.5mm

EP Fiber - Olive & White

Marker (Optional) - Olive
Clouser Deep Minnow4-1/0Danville Monofilament Thread

Lead Dumbbell Eyes - Small or Medium - White

SF Blend - Bucktail White & Anchovy

Krystal Flash - Pearl
Gummy Minnow2-2/0100 Denier Veevus GSP Thread - White

Lead Wire - 0.025

Crystal Skin - Pearlescent

Sili Skin - Moss Crean

Clear Thin Crystal Skin

Super Pearl Stick on Eyes - 3/16”
Deceiver1-2/0Danville Mono Thread - .004

Bucktail - Olive/White

Strung Hackle - White

Krystal Flash - Black

Peacock Herl
Flashtail Whistler4-1/0Danville’s 210 Denier Thread - White

Dumbbell Eyes - Medium - Tungsten

Mobile Flash - Silver

Bucktail - White

Hackle - Grizzly - White/Black

EP Craft Fur Brush - Red
Crease Fly1/0-4/06/0 Uni Thread - White

Bucktail - White

Flashabou - Pearl

Fly Foam - 2mm - White

Loon Hard Head - White Pearlescent & Pink

3D Stick On Eyes
Mushmouth1-3/0Danville Monofilament Thread

Super Hair - White

Fine Mylar - Pearl White & Fluorescent Yellow

Flashabou - Pearl

Prismatic Eyes
Big Bastard BaitfishDanville flax Waxed Nylon Thread - FL Orange

Marabou - White

Ice Dub - Pearl

Bucktail - White & Chartreuse

Adhesive Holographic Eyes - 5/16” - Red
Bucktail Baitfish1-2/0Danville Monofilament Thread

Fish Skull Baitfish Head - Medium - Golden Chartreuse

Fish Skull Living Eyes

Bucktail - White & Olive

Flashabou - Mirage
Bendback2-2/0Danville Monofilament Thread

Bucktail - White & Chartreuse

Polar Chenille - Pearl


Adhesive Holographic Eyes - 7/32” - Pearl
Schminnow4-1/0\Veevus 140 Power Thread - White

Plastic Mono Eyes - Large - Black

Marabou - White

Flashabou Accent - Pearl

Estaz - Opalescent White
  • One of my favorite fish to catch are snook. They attack hard and put up a great fight. Their sandpaper mouths make them a challenge to land on light gear. Snook have the ability to hide in extremely shallow water and will appear in places you would never expect to see a fish. A snook’s diet consists mainly of small baitfish and shrimp. 
  • Lefty’s Deceiver is one of the best all around flies for targeting any size snook. The Deceiver imitates small baitfish and can be fished in both shallow and deeper water. Deceivers are tied on hook sizes ranging from 1-2/0 and the fly is made using Bucktail, Strung Hackle, Krystal Flash, and Peacock Herl. Snook have very abrasive mouths that can wear through light tippet easily. It is recommended when fishing a Deceiver for snook that 17-30lb tippet be used. 
  • The most well known fly in the world of fly fishing is the Clouser Deep Minnow. This fly can be used to catch almost any species, however it works really well for snook. Clouser minnows can be tied small on size 4 hooks or made larger up to size 1/0. The Clouser Minnow is tied using Lead Dumbbell Eyes, Bucktail, and Krystal Flash.

Final Thoughts

You should now have everything you need to either buy or create the right sized flies for the most popular species in fly fishing. If you find that I’ve left anything out, feel free to send your suggestions to me at [email protected].